Primary activity of Wojcicki Design is delivering design and consulting services in the field of product design.

The aim of the interaction that takes place is to obtain an object or system which is coherent on account of it’s function, technology, aesthetics and its marketing possibilities within the outlined budget. Design services are based on creative cooperation with the range of specialists.

Elements of the design services
– Analysis of an existing solutions and defining of a design problem.
– Analysis of a technological abilities of a producer and drawing up the initial concepts.
– Consulting client on every stage of a design process and eventually redesign of the solutions
– Visualisation of chosen solutions in 2D, 3D and physical mockup and scaled modeling.
– Real size functional modeling and prototyping.
– Project coordination during implementation.
– Author’s supervisory during first production batch.
– Promotional co-operation (trade fairs, shows, exhibitions).
– Product exhibition design.

 Consulting services are no less important and also depends on the business model of the client.

External services briefing and verification
Delivering advice in contacts with external design companies, both in the preparation of guidelines and in the evaluation of commissioned projects and the effects of external contractors work. If client does not have a  staff experienced in assessing the presented solutions in terms of content, functionality or aesthetics , the consultant is an invaluable help.
New design department creation and development
Delivering advice and experience in creating and coordinating the design and implementation process for the newly established design departments of the company. The optimization of the  communication system for the international Fiona Wall Design team located in Denmark, Sweden and Poland is an example of designing the implementation process between distant decision-making, consulting and executive centers made by Wojcicki Design.
Staffing Advice
Delivering advice and experience in the field of acquiring human resources, assessing the suitability of candidates for design and creative positions, and creating, developing and running a design office from scratch. Consulting of this type is especially useful for companies that do not have people experienced in acquiring and assessing the competences of this type of candidates in their HR departments, as well as for staffing agencies.
If you have any issue concerning design and product development related aspects of your business activity please contact us. We will do our best to help you.

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